Friday, 25 June 2010

Gary Lux

Gerhard "Gary" Lux (born January 26 1959) is an Austrian singer, most famous for having represented his country in the Eurovision Song Contest on six occasions. He was born in Ontario, Canada but returned to live in Austria with his parents as a young boy. He is married to Marianne and has 2 sons, Benny and Dennis. He has released solo albums entitled "Dreidimensional" and "City of Angels" inspired by some time he had spent in Los Angeles.

Gary Lux represented Austria on the following occasions at the ESC:

    1983, as a member of Westend performing Hurricane (9th)
    1984, as a backing vocalist for Anita's Einfach Weg (19th)
    1985, as a solo artist performing Kinder Dieser Welt (8th)
    1987, as a solo artist performing Nur Noch Gefühl (20th)
    1993, as a backing vocalist for Tony Wegas'Maria Magdalena (14th)
    1995, as a backing vocalist for Stella Jones' Die Welt Dreht Sich Verkehrt (13th)

In the Austrian final of 1983 Gary also sang Bleib Wie Du Bist which came 4th. In 1984 he formed a duo with Gitti Seuberth and they participated in the Austrian final with the song Kumm Hoit Mit which came 2nd.

As a composer, Lux was placed second in the Austrian national heat for Eurovision in 1994 with the song "Solitaire" performed by Three Girl Madhouse.

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