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Mecano started as a synth-pop ensemble by brothers Nacho and José María Cano, along with singer Ana Torroja, in Madrid in 1981. In a period of cultural experimentation in the newly democratic Spain, Mecano achieved its initial popularity with their debut single, Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar, a song about youth boredom and hangovers. The initial album, named after the band, became a collection of classics.

At the same time, Nacho Cano branched out into producing other bands, and both brothers wrote songs for other artists. Although those secondary acts wouldn't achieve the level of success Mecano gained, they turned out to be new testing grounds for Mecano.

Having achieved another huge hit in 1986 with Me Cuesta Tanto Olvidarte, the band reformed its musical approach with the album Entre El Cielo Y El Suelo. The new style emphasized more pop over techno. It also facilitated the export of the music to Latin America. This new versatility was evidenced by the cover of Hijo De La Luna by opera artist Montserrat Caballé. This song was also submitted by the band as a potential Eurovision Song Contest entry in 1986, however TVE "experts" selected the group Cadillac.

Their follow-up album, Descanso Dominical, produced two of their most popular singles: La Fuerza del Destino and Mujer Contra Mujer. The latter deals with a lesbian relationship, seen through the eyes of a friend, who only later realizes what is going on. It was recorded in French, English and Italian, giving Mecano their first truly global hit.

Aidalai, their following album, was published in 1991 and carried the same success of the previous two works. In 1993 the band announced a temporary split.

In 1998 the band released the album "Ana, Jose, Nacho" that mixed new songs with greatest hits. The band separated later that year and all three members went on to have solo careers, though only Ana found success as a singer. In 2005 keyboardist Nacho Cano wrote a musical based on 32 songs of the group, named after their first single: Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar.

In November 2009 the band reunited again but they split up after a few months.

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