Friday, 16 July 2010

Miroslav 'Miro' Kostadinov

Miro (born on March 10 1976 in Dobrich) is the stage name of Miroslav Kostadinov, a famous Bulgarian pop singer, songwriter and composer.

Miro began playing the piano at very young age. After years he joined an amateur singing group.

In 2000 Miro formed the duo KariZma together with the singer Galya. This was one of the most successful musical projects in the entire history of Bulgarian music. The songs of the duo were characterized by its modern sound. KariZma rapidly gaining popularity after their debut single in 2001. hit. It was followed by many other hits. In 2007 the duo split up and Miro started a solo career which is still very successful.

In 2010 the representative of Bulgaria for the ESC was chosen by 51 composers, musicians and media representatives. Miro collects the most votes and in October he was invited to be the Bulgarian representative in the ESC.

In the Bulgarian national final Miro sang 5 songs: Moyat Pogled V Teb, which came 5th, Ostani, which came 4th, Eagle, which came 3rd, Twist And Tango, which came 2nd and Angel Si Ti, which came 1st.

In the 2nd semi-final Miro finished on a very disappointing 15th place.

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