Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Germany 1962

The winner of the Deutsche Schlager-Festspiele 1962 was also the representative for Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1962 in Luxemburg. The German pre-selection consisted of 4 semi finals, with 6 songs each, and 1 final. The best three songs of every semi-final went on to the final. In the final the winning song was chosen by voting from six regional juries and an additional jury in the theatre.


01. Zwei kleine Italiener - Conny Froboess, 19 points
02. Die Wege der Liebe - Siw Malmkvist, 18 points
03. Ein Herz das kann man nicht kaufen - Margot Eskens, 8 points
04. Mama will dich sehen - Pirkko Mannola & Wyn Hoop, 6 points
05. Spanische Hochzeit - Ralf Bendix, 5 points
06. La luna romantica - Rita Paul, 2 points
07. Das Lexicon d'amour - Peggy Brown, 2 points
08. Eine Rose aus Santa Monica - Carmela Corren, 1 point
09. Hilly Billy Banjo Bill - Bill Ramsey, 1 point
10. Sing kleiner Vogel - Ann-Louise Hanson, 1 point
11. Ich habe im Leben nur Dich - Jimmy Markulis, 0 points
12. Ein verliebter Italiener - Peter Beil, 0 points

During the week before the contest in Luxemburg she was the big favorite for victory but Conny ended only 6th. She sold over one million copies of her song and recorded an English, Dutch and Italian version.


Cornelia Froboess (born October 28 1943, Berlin) is a German actress and a teen idol of the 1950s and early 1960s. During that time, Conny appeared in many musical films, especially after the rock and roll wave had hit Germany.

As Conny Froboess she had her first hit record in 1951, aged eight, with a song written by her father. Pack Die Badehose Ein is a cheery tune about a group of children going swimming on a hot summer's day at the Wannsee.

In 1962 Froboess finished in sixth place at the Eurovision Song Contest, where she sang Zwei Kleine Italiener for Germany. It sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc. The same year she appeared as herself in Jean Renoir's comedy film The Elusive Corporal.

Later Conny became a theatre and movie actress.


  1. Voor zover ik weet heeft Conny nooit zelf een Franse versie opgenomen van Zwei Kleine Italiener. Er zijn in elk geval alleen maar coverversies in 't Frans te vinden...Carl