Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Armando Gama

Armando António Capelo Diniz da Gama (born on April 1, 1954 in Luanda, Angola) is a Portuguese singer-songwriter and baritone opera singer.

In 1971 he scored the first of many hits on the Portuguese music charts. He is well-versed in performing piano and solfège, having studied them at the Portuguese music conservatory in Luanda.

In his four-decade music career he has sold over five million records in Portugal. He became well-known internationally after his participation at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1983 with the song Esta Balada Que Te Dou which came 13th.

Armando is still performing today, now presenting a live show called "Armando Gama: The Fifth Beatle," in which he performs cover versions of well-known Beatles songs.

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