Monday, 12 July 2010

Eva Santamaría

Eva Santamaría (born Eva María Delgado Macías, October 18 1971 in El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz) is a Spanish singer, known for representing Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 1993 with her song Hombres, composed by the journalist Carlos Toro.

Before participating in the ESC, Eva Santamaría became well known for participating in the musical television programs Gente Joven, El Salero and Las Coplas. She also collaborated with other artists on several albums and presented her own radio show on Radio Nacional de España. In the months before the Contest in early 1993, Carlos Toro helped Santamaría record her debut album A buen puerto in Los Angeles, on which Hombres became a hit single. To date, however, this album was her only release.

Coming off the album's success, Televisión Española selected Santamaría to represent Spain at Eurovision 1993 in Millstreet, Ireland, with her hit Hombres. She beat out other popular singers such as Yossek and Julián Contreras. Her song placed eleventh out of 25 in the Contest.

Santamaría did not pursue her singing career after disagreements with her manager, and sporadically appeared on television since then. She has since dedicated her focus on theatre and singing copla.

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