Saturday, 17 July 2010


Furbaz are a Swiss vocal group consisting of members Marie Louise Werth, Giusep Quinter, Ursin Defuns and Gion Defuns, who perform mainly in the Romansh language. The group was formed in 1983 in Disentis, Graubünden, remaining active until the early 1990s. They then reunited in 2004, and continue performing together. Furbaz are best known internationally for their participation in the 1989 Eurovision Song Contest.

Furbaz first took part in the Swiss Eurovision selection in 1987 , finishing third with Da Cumpignia. They tried again the following year, coming second with Sentiments. It was third time lucky in 1989, when Viver Senza Tei won a clear victory, going forward to represent Switzerland in the 34th Eurovision Song Contest where the song finished 13th. The song holds the distinction of being the only Eurovision entry to date sung in Romansh.

Since re-forming in 2004, Furbaz have specialised in performing Christmas music and are most active at that time of year. They have recorded three Christmas-themed albums, Nadal, Weihnachten and Messadi da Nadal.

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