Friday, 9 July 2010

Marianne Rosenberg

Marianne Rosenberg (March 10, 1955 Berlin) is a German singer and songwriter.

In 1969 Marianne won a talentshow and in that same year she recorded her first single, Mr Paul McCartney, which was a small success in Germany. In 1970 Marianne had her first big hit with Fremder Mann. In the 70's she had several hits in Germany with typical schlager songs.

In 1975 she took part for the first time in the German pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Er Gehört Zu Mir. The song only came 10th but is still a favorite eurovision song in Germany. With the single Ich Bin Wie Du she became very popular in the Netherlands and Flanders. Marianne Rosenberg is also considered a gay icon in several countries, such as the Netherlands and her native Germany.

In 1976 she participated in de pre-selection for the ESC of Luxemburg, with the song Tout Peut Arriver Au Cinéma which came 3rd.

In 1978 she took part in the German pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, she became 7th with the song Nein, Weinen werd' Ich Nicht.

Her fourth participation was in 1980, she finished last with Ich Werd' Da Sein Wenn Es Sturm Gibt and in 1982 she did her last attempt to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest. With the song Blue Jeans Kinder she came 8th in the German national final.

In 2004, Marianne re-released Marleen in a remixed version and with a new promotional video. The single reached # 33 on the official German Charts. The follow-up single Er Gehört Zu Mir reached # 77. Both singles were taken from her 2004 disco-flavoured album Für Immer Wie Heute, which reached # 12 on the German Album charts. In 2008, Rosenberg released her first jazz and chanson album, I'm a Woman.

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