Saturday, 3 July 2010

Sibel Tüzün

Sibel Tüzün (born September 29 1971 in Istanbul, Turkey) is a Turkish pop/rock/jazz singer.

Sibel began her musical education at the TRT Istanbul Children's Choir. During her secondary school years she joined the Youth Choir of TRT.

She studied pop and rock music during her years at Beşiktaş Atatürk Anadolu Lisesi in Turkey.

In 1988, she enrolled in Istanbul University's famous Music Conservatory. In 1990, she entered Eurovizyon Şarkı Seçmeleri, the Turkish pre-selection for the ESC, with the song Kime ne, which finished 9th. In 1991, she decided to pursue a professional musical career, signing up with the Raks Müzik label.

Her first solo album Ah Biz Kızlar was released in 1992. The next year was spent on an exhaustive tour. After working with Robert Bricknell in London for a while, she returned to Turkey and released her second album, Nefes Keser Aşklar in 1995. This too was extremely successful.

After completing a 1997 tour of Europe, Sibel started her own production company Arinna Muzik. She produced her album Hayat Buysa Ben Yokum Bu Yolda and released it in 1998, it contained eight songs with lyrics written by Sibel. She scored a hit with Yine Yalnızım in 2002 and released a couple of albums in the following years.

Sibel Tüzün represented Turkey at the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 which was held in Athens. She was allowed to choose her own song and she chose Superstar. She also recorded English and Greek versions of the song. The song finished 11th in the Grand final of the ESC.

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