Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Germany 1969

The German Final was held on February 22nd at TV Studios in Frankfurt, hosted by Marie-Louise Steinbauer. The winning song was chosen by a jury of 11 people. They firstly voted for their favourite song by each of the 3 artists, who each sung three songs, and then the best song by each artist was voted on again to decide the winner. It is rumoured that popular 60's singer Alexandra was due to be the 4th artist in the German Final, but she died shortly before it was held.

The results of the 1st round:

Dein Comeback zu mir - Siw Malmkvist, 2 votes
Melodie - Siw Malmkvist, 4 votes
Primaballerina - Siw Malmkvist, 5 votes

Lady Julia - Rex Gildo, 4 votes
Festival der jungen Liebe - Rex Gildo, 0 votes
Die Beste Idee Meines Lebens - Rex Gildo, 7 votes

Karussel meiner Liebe - Peggy March, 1 vote
Aber die Liebe bleibt bestehn - Peggy March, 4 votes
Hey - Peggy March, 6 votes

The results of the 2nd round:

1. Primaballerina - Siw Malmkvist, 7 votes
2. Hey - Peggy March, 4 votes
3. Die Beste Idee Meines Lebens - Rex Gildo, 0 votes

Here you can find more information about Siw Malmkvist

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  1. I'd not heard of Siw Malmkvist,but that performance of April April has totally won me over.She's charming.
    I'll be whistling that tune 'til bedtime.