Sunday, 25 July 2010

Germany 1968

Wenche Synnøve Myhre (born 15 February 1947, in Kjelsås, Oslo) is a Norwegian singer and actress who has had a great number of hits since the 1960s in Norway, Sweden and Germany. In some countries she is known as Wencke Myhre.

In 1960 she made her first record after she won a talent contest in Oslo. Wencke made her first appearance in the Norwegian pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest in 1964 with the songs En God Gammel Firkantet Vals which came 2nd and La Meg Være Ung which came 3rd. She also participated in the Norwegian national final in 1966, this time with the songs Lørdagstripp which was placed 4th and Vims which came 5th.

In 1968 Wencke was chosen to represent Germany at the ESC with the song Ein Hoch Der Liebe which came 8th. During her ESC performance in London she sang a different version of the song.

In 1983 Wencke Myhre participated in the German national final, with the song Wir Beide Gegen Den Wind, with her son. In the same year she was one of Jahn Teigen's backing singers for the Norwegian entry Do Re Mi. In 1992 she came 3rd in the Norwegian national final with Du Skal Få Din Dag I Morgen. She participated in the Norwegian national final once again 2009. Wencke performed the song Alt Har En Mening Nå in the 2nd semi-final, but she didn't gather enough points to go on to the final.

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