Friday, 16 July 2010

Festival di Sanremo - Mia Martini

Domenica Berté (1947-1995), better known as Mia Martini, was an Italian singer. From 1963 untill 1969 she called herself Mimì Bertè and had a few hits in Italy. After that she went on as Mia Martini and became a big star in Italy with many hits and successful albums. Her biggest hits were Piccolo Uomo and Almeno Tu Nell' Universo. In 1977 she represented Italy at the Eurovision song Contest with the song Libera which came 13th, in 1992 she participated again and she came 4th with Rapsodia.

She participated several times at the Festival di Sanremo:

1982 - E Non Finisce Mica Il Cielo, which didn't finish in the top 3
1989 - Almeno Tu Nell' Universo, 9th
1990 - La Nevicat Del '56, which didn't finish in the top 3
1992 - Gli Uomini Non Cambiano, 2nd
1993 - Stiamo Come Stiamo, a duet with her sister Loredana Bertè, 14th

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