Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Hot Eyes (Kirsten & Søren)

Hot Eyes was a Danish group consisted of Søren Bundgaard and Kirsten Siggaard.

They were very successful and participated several time in the Danish pre-selection for the Eurovision Songcontest.

In 1983 Kirsten participated with the song Og Livet Går at the Danish pre-selection which was written by her husband Søren. Kirsten finished 7th in 1983 but in 1984 Kirsten and Søren won the Danish pre-selection with Det' Lige Det which came 4th at the Eurovision Song Contest.

In 1985 they won again in Denmark, this time with Sku' Du Spørg Fra No'en which came 11th at the Eurovision Song Contest in Göteborg. In 1986 they participated again in the Danish pre-selection with the song Sig Det Som Det Er which came 4th and in 1987 they came 5th with Farvel Og Tak.

In 1988 they won the Danish national final again, at the Eurovision Song Contest they came 3rd with Ka' Du Se Hva' Jeg Sa'. In 1989 Søren wrote Vi Maler Byen Rød for Birthe Kjær who finished 3rd in Lausanne.

Kirsten participated in 1990 for the last time in the Danish pre-selection with Inden Længe which didn't reach the final. In 1991 Søren Bundgaard and Kirsten Siggaard stopped with the group Hot Eyes.

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