Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Aleksandra Pileva

Aleksandra Pileva born June 10, 1980 is a pop rock singer from the Republic of Macedonia.

Aleksandra's music contains elements of modern rock, pop rock, blues / rock ballads and alternative rock.

In 2005 Aleksandra particpated in the Macedonian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest. She sang four songs and the other contender, Martin Vučić, also sang four songs. The winner was chosen by an "expert" jury, televote and the audience in the hall. In the first round the best song of each singer was chosen before the winner was chosen in the second round. Aleksandra won the televote with Sonce I Mesecina but Martin won the "expert" jury and audience vote with Ti Si Son. At the Eurovision Song Contest Martin came 17th in the final.

Aleksandra is well known in the Republic of Macedonia and has worked on many projects.

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