Thursday, 29 July 2010

Germany 1970

The German final was held at the TV studios in Frankfurt, hosted by Marie-Louise Steinbauer. Six songs took part and were voted on in two stages by a 7-member jury. In the first round each judge awarded 1 point to their three favourite songs, and the lowest-scoring three were eliminated. The judges were then asked to award 1 point to their favourite of the three remaining songs, and "Wunder gibt es immer wieder" was the unanimous choice.

The results:

1. Wunder gibt es immer wieder - Katja Ebstein, 1st round: 7 votes, 2nd round: 7 votes
2. Bei jedem Kuß - Mary Roos, 1st round: 5 votes, 2nd round: 0 votes
3. Allein unter Millionen - Reiner Schöne, 1st round: 5 votes, 2nd round: 0 votes

4. Pierre, der Clochard - Kirstie Sparboe, 1st round: 3 votes
5. Auf der Kurfürstendamm sagt man Liebe - Roberto Blanco, 1st round: 1 vote
6. Blaue Augen, rote Lippen und kastanienbraunes Haar - Peter Beil, 1st round: 0 votes

Katja Ebstein is a German singer and actress, her real name is Karin Witkiewicz, In 1970, 1971 and in 1980 she represented Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest.

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