Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Markku Aro

Markku Aro (born as Markku Tuomas Puputti on February 3 1950 in Mouhijärvi, Finland) is a Finnish singer.

Markku participated six times at the Finnish pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. He won only once, in 1971, with the song Tie Uuteen Päivään which came 8th in Dublin.

Further participations at the Finnish national final:

1969: Sanoin, 4th
1974: Anna Kaikkien Kukkien Kukkia, 8th
1976: Ruska, 3rd
1979: Sano Susanne, 5th
1981: Mun Suothan Tulla Vierees Sun, a duet with Nisa Soraya, 5th

In 1973 Markku represented Finland at the W.P.S.F. in Japan with the song Elämää Vain Se Ymmärtää, which stranded in the semi-finals.

Markku is still popular and has released many albums in his country.

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