Thursday, 1 July 2010

Gece Yolcular

Gece Yolcular is a Turkish softrockband.

They established as a university band in 1993. They worked as amateurs till 1995, when they started their professional career. At first the main aim of the band was to compose and share their authentic music and to obtain a distinctive style.

In 2004 they recorded their first album Gece Yolculari and made a great success with their first single Unut Beni. In 2005 that song was a theme song in Hayat Bilgisi, one of the most popular TV series in Turkey and after it had appeared on TV, it aroused a great interest all over the country. With the success of their television appearance, the band embarked a tour thanks to which they managed to play in front of thousands of fans, especially performing at universities and cities in Turkey.

The band took part in many projects in the frame of their social responsibilities and appeared in one of these projects having been held for the survivors in Tsunami disaster in South Asia Hand in Hand for South Asia in 2005.

They made music videos for the songs of their first album Yaban Gülü and Ölüm de Var and they were on the charts for a long time. The video Yaban Gülü was broadcasted on MTV Europe and aroused interest. In late 2005, they accorded TMC and in 2006 they released Gece Yolculari 2 with Cem Özkan who was at the same time the producer of the first album.

The first single of the second album was Neredesin. Gece Yolculari proved how the style of the band was stable and open to improve and with the success of this album Gece Yolculari was up on the lists and the agenda again. The second video of the album Seninle Bir Dakika (ESC 1975) won everybody’s approval with its sound and the harmonization. The third video Hüzün was up on the lists for months as an indicator of the band’s being permanent. People found the last video of this album Gökler Agliyor successful as a love ballad. During Gece Yolculari 2, the band went on a tour and met their fans and saw their success.

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