Friday, 2 July 2010

Páll Óskar Hjálmtýsson

Páll Óskar Hjálmtýsson (born March 16 1970), known internationally as Páll Óskar and Paul Oscar, is an Icelandic pop singer, songwriter and DJ. He had a musical childhood, singing at private functions, with choirs and for media advertisements, but was affected by bullying in school and tension between his parents at home. He came out as gay to his family at the age of 16 years.

Paul Oscar's musical range spans traditional Icelandic songs, ballads, love songs, disco, house and techno. He released his first album, Stuð (Groove), in 1993 while in New York City, and also sang with Icelandic groups Milljónamæringarnir (The Millionaires) and Casino while establishing a career as a solo artist. His album of ballads, Palli, was the best-selling Icelandic album of 1995. Paul Oscar came to international attention when he performed Minn Hinsti Dans (My Final Dance), Iceland's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 1997 which came 20th. His most recent album is Silfursafnið (The Silver Collection, 2008). In Reykjavík, Paul Oscar performs regularly as a disc jockey in clubs and appears on radio and TV shows.

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  1. Love,love,love,love,love, LOVE him !
    I'd not heard of him 'til he entered ESC,but i was so impressed by his song and performance that I ordered some cd's from his fan club,and he sent me a note and some autographed postcards which are now my most prized posessions ! What a guy !

    I wish he'd enter the ESC again (and I wish my other favourite entrant -Sonia Uk '93- would enter again too) !!